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2 weeks ago

12 Facts You Should Know About Boogey

Boogey at 1 Boogey is one of the hottest rising hip-hop acts in the game right now, and we caught up with him and got 12 facts about ...

1 month ago

Why Nigerian Music Has Gone To Sh*t!

  It was the summer of 2009, and Wande Coal’s Mushin To Mohits album had just debuted. Hits like Bumper to Bumper, You Bad, ...

Mo Cheddah
1 month ago

Mo’Cheddah: Is The Storm Over?

Born Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola, Mo’cheddah was once the darling of Nigerian music fans, till she left the house at knight, and ...

4 months ago

On Death Row, Charly Boy Speaks

I walk tall and with a head high and their gaze follow me from one end of the street to another. I see the stare on their faces as if ...

computer addiction 2
4 months ago

BBF: Bagger Blogger Fool by CharlyBoy

Life is very funny and at the same time ironical. Have you ever taken your time to notice that the ones who don’t know are the ones ...

5 months ago

The Mob’s Take: N.G.N.G by Phyno

The No Guts No Glory album by Phyno was released last week to quite excited and expectant fans. I copped mine as soon as I could and ...

5 months ago

Prayer Request for My Father |READ!!

  Written by Charly Boy. Ever since I can remember, I have always admired my parents. Even in their old age, I still see them ...

5 months ago

Top Ten Must Watch Naija Movies

1. Lagos Cougars: Directed by award winning director Emem Isong. ‘Lagos Cougars’ tells a story which centers around the lives of ...

6 months ago

Social Media in the Jonathanian Age.

By @RenoOmokri Increasingly, Social Media status is depending on how many friends you have on Facebook or how many followers you ...

6 months ago

Letter To Yemi Alade From Johnny

Dear Yemi, This is a very informal letter so I will not use the conventional how you dey and family. I kept seeing a tweet on my ...

6 months ago

Remote Control

Remote Control                                                                                 ...

6 months ago

A “Love” Letter

Hey you. Yes, you. I hear you’ve been looking for me. I know you thought you had me before. But it wasn’t me. Then you ...